Dwinguler is a Phonetic transcription of a Korean word meaning 'rolling about'.
The colors palette of blue and pink emphasize the innocence of children and the love of a mother.


The Dwinguler Playmat is the playmat developed with the best technology in Korea.

The company started making headway into the overseas market, loved by many moms and babies all around the world and firmly established in global markets.




The Dwinguler Castle creates a safe playroom for your child and can be used more safely using the double lock gate.

Each panel is safe for children without being injured on the edges and holes of the playpen. It’s designed with a streamlined shape and non-slip rubber feet which keeps the playpen stable and safe. Children 4 years and older tend to push or mount the panels; our panel support prevents the panels from sliding or breaking.



Our ergonomically designed sofas provide your children with excellent comfort!

Our company uses advanced functional material which is developed with natural vegetable oil (From Rape blossoms and Sunflower oil) and doesn’t contain any harmful chemical substances.

The Dwinguler sofa helps your baby's body and spine stay healthy by developing a good habit of sitting properly.

We use SOFFKIN leather on the surface of the sofas that are free of bacteria, heavy metals, and phthalate.