1. A happy play area for babies
Baby room, living room, playroom, kitchen and in all other area,
BABYCARE provides babies their own area with its double sided design.


2. Anti-bacteria! Safe materials
BABYCARE product are free from harmful germs and bacteria
and complies with the European Toy Safety Standards.


3. A special coated surface
The surface of BABYCARE mat is specially coated
so parents don’t need to worry about kids spilling snacks and beverages.



4. Maintaining clean and pleasant
The surface of BABYCARE play mat is specially coated
to make it cleaned easily by wiping with a cloth

5. Developed, manufactured and shipped from Korea!
All of BABYCARE products are designed, developed and manufactured in Korea.
BABYCARE for our babies. It is product is made with warm heart for Babies.
BABYCARE produces goods with a hope to provide babies with a warm and safe area.


Baby Gym mat


Present BABYCARE Baby Gym mat for your lovely baby
You can offer our baby a valuable time with cute character mats and sensory development toys.

2. Eco-Friendly product

All the components of Baby Gym Mat, such as Play mat, toys, Play bar and the others
are satisfied with global safety standards as CPSIA for USA, European Toy Safety Standard.

3. The ideal Baby Gym Mat

Comfortable and high durable Playmat
Eco-friendly Playmat, which is a component of Baby Gym Mat offers comfort and safety of our babies.

4. Sense development assistant toy

Cute and colorful toys can be used as teaching aids for development of our babies.
On toys, there is Velcro tape, so you can just stick and take them off from the bar.


5. Easy to assemble Baby Gym Mat

We were considering to develop this item to assemble easily.
On toys, there is Velcro tape, so you can just stick and take them off from the bar.


6. Safe zone for our baby

Mosquito net for Baby Gym Mat is existed to prevent our baby's relax time from disturbing of insects.




Gym & Playmat

1. Excellent quality synthetic leather
BABYCARE GYM MAT is covered with excellent quality synthetic leather,
SOFFKIN which is widely used for Sofa and variety types of Furniture, and it presents feeling of touch just like the natural leather.


2. Eco-Friendly SOFFKIN PVC Synthetic leather used
Credible SOFFKIN eco-friendly synthetic leather makes kids be safer to use the Gym Mat.


3. Play area
A play area where is safe and reliable for our kids to tumble and fall down.


4. Non-slip & Hidden Zipper
Non-slip treatment on synthetic leather prevents mats from moving around.
Hide zipper to prevent babies from easily opening.


5. Emotional development for our kids
Used soft pastel toned synthetic leather surface
to make kids feel emotional stability.

6. 11-layer, high density PE Foam used

Excellent impact reduction by 4cm thick 11 layers
of high-density foam structure.



7. Easy to move and store
Easy to move and can easily fold and store even in small space.
8. Water-proof coated leather

You can just wipe it with wet cloth when you want to clean them.







1. Non-Slip
Not like other playpens easily be pushed and moves around.
BABYCARE playpen doesn't easily move around and stably keeps its shape due to its strong non-slip pad.

2. Large / Medium Size
BABYCARE playpen is available in large and medium size to use it in house.
Can use the playpen in various size like large size for using in large area like living room,
and medium size for kids room or play room.

3. Perfect combination of Playmat + Playpen
BABYCARE playpen is produced in optimized size to
BABYCARE playmat to be a perfectly matched and used together.

4. Safe space between playpen and floor
There is little gap between playpen and floor so dust doesn't stuck on edges of playpen
and easily vacuum cleaned and can be managed in a sanitary way.

5. Easy to assemble and move
Each panels can be assembled easily, firmly and doesn’t easily detached for safer use.
Has a handle on top for more convenient moving and carrying.

6. Panel holder
Each panels of BABYCARE playpen are connected and fixed with panel holder,
so panels are not bent or pushed easily and firmly keeps its shape.