The Baby Care Play Mat is quality beyond expectation. Our heavy duty 17lbs cushioned mat protects against hard falls when kids are just being kids. Mats are portable so they go in any rooms.  Parents love our 50+ selection of prints and designs that are available in the gallery.

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We LOVE our play mat! It's so soft and feels like a large yoga mat. It is a great play surface and also helps to protect from minor falls and bumps.

Steve Jordans

Wrestle mania!-My guys like to “horse around”, so this mat is it! Safe. I don’t understand how a person can complain about it.?

Sarah Penk


Create a bigger and enjoyable evnironment with added extension

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First sofa with outstanding fit for my kids!

A eco-friendly sofa which Dwinguler made and more reliable

Baby Care Premium Kids Mask

The excellent anti-microbial function of Babycare Mask comes from the US FDA approved eco-friendly INNOMAX fabric and copper elements it contains. Unlike post-processed products, Babycare Mask has copper element contained in thread provides superior ant-microbial function even after multiple times of wash.

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Home styling Soft Modern Rugs

Make your house trendy with interior rug

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